The Client

Ashton Matthews is a rapidly growing estate agent based in Central London. Between their team they speak numerous different languages making it easy to help a wide client base. As part of their expansion, they have gone from providing a standard estate agency service though to dealing with commercial and international sales.

The Project

Due to the nature of the services provided by Ashton Matthews, this estate agency website is much larger than our usual projects. Each of the Ashton Matthews services are as important as on another and couldn’t just be relegated to a single “services” page, meaning each services needed its own page. To help distinctively separate the services, each one was assigned its own colour making each aspect instantly recognisable. This colour coding follows through from the initial search and information page all the way through to the property results.

With so many pages, we needed to find a way to present this information without overwhelming a user. For this we opted for a carousel on the home page that will display small pieces of information one at a time. Within the menu, each service and information page is split into categories making it very easy for a user to navigate.

While this website is particularly large, a user’s journey is still very typical of an estate agents website. The site is incredibly easy to navigate and users don’t have to sift through pages and pages to find what they need.

Ashton Matthews, London
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