The Client
Goodfellow is an estate agent based in Kentish Town, London run by a husband and wife team. Goodfellow is relatively new estate agent opening their doors in 2014 however, this is based on decades of estate agency and property experience. Goodfellow’’ clients are at the heart of what they do and use their experience to help client achieve their dreams.

The Project
For the Goodfellow project, we worked closely with the agents branding team to ensure their brand was consistent across each page of the website as well as their other channels.

This resulted in a new / custom layout for property listings that is more in-tune with the rest of the sites design. While this doesn’t allow us to display as many properties per page, it’s a visually appealing and engaging design.

We also had to create a slightly different contact form that worked better within the branding guidelines. This uses the two brand colours for Goodfellow to outline the two primary methods of contact, email and telephone. This works well as it highlights each call-to-action clearly, catching a user’s attention.

Within this project, we had to make various tweaks and changes to the user-facing elements of the site. These changes, while visually very different to some of our other sites, still run on the same backend software. Most interestingly though, we had the chance to demonstrate the flexibility of our system, showing what we can achieve with estate agency website design within our custom-built system.

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