Paul Murphy is an independent Glasgow based estate agent.

Being mainly a one-man operation, and with only a few pages needed for the final site, we want to create something a little more stand out that incorporated the Paul Murphy branding.

What we’ve ended up with is a site that still keeps to current trends of large imagery but with a different feel. Deviating from the norm of having navigation at the top of the page, we’ve opted to put it along the side, having the user’s attention attracted to it initially via animation. This allows for something eye-catching while allowing the image to focus on Paul himself.

We have also allowed for a secondary animation on the homepage. Moving away from just navigation, this provides some personal text about Paul and his services followed by buying or selling calls to action, guiding a user through the site.

We’re very pleased with how this unique looking website has come together, if you’d like to see it for yourself please visit:

Paul Murphy Estate Agents
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