The Client

Trigglets are family run estate and lettings agency dealing with a number of properties both for sale and rent in and around Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham & Sheffield in South Yorkshire. The father and daughter team have been in business for a number of years and are known for their outstanding service.

The Website

Trigglets came to us initially as their previous website was in need of an overhaul. In general, the previous site was very busy and lacked a clear direction for users to easily navigate through the various pages, and also, the Trigglets brand could've been better represented.

The redesign of the Trigglets website addressed these issues by simplifying the overall navigation and removing many of the distracting elements of the home page. The end-result is a much cleaner homepage with a focus on the key calls-to-action the client wanted to highlight, thereby making a user's journey much easier.

During the project development cycle, we created three new custom features which the client requested. The first was a Property Search widget that was accessible via the header navigation across every page in the Website enabling the user to filter their search results without too much fuss (or too many clicks). The second was a new style / design for the “featured properties” section on the home page which displays multiple images and a bit more information for the users quick reference. The third was a "Repair / Maintenance" form which enables the user to upload as many photos as they want, useful for existing tenants to help manage any property maintenance enquiries.

In addition to the much simpler design, Trigglets had commissioned a custom animation from a 3rd party local supplier which they wanted to make a focus. Instead of just having this as a video that is available within the site, we embedded this directly into the background of the site. This gave the animation prominence while also providing something engaging for visitors as soon as they arrive.

The new website is a huge improvement over the previous Website in all aspects. Not only is it now a visually more engaging website, its unique and gives a great first impression, it also, performs better in terms of speed, SEO and usability.

To take a look through the Trigglets Estate Agents Website, click here.

Trigglets Estate & Letting Agents
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