What is an Estate Apps Affiliate Partner

In all industries, people recommend other businesses based on their experiences of that company, the people and the service.

An affiliate partner is someone who recommends Estate Apps services to an estate & lettings agent. If the agent decides to work with us, then we pay out to our affiliate partners every month for one year.

Who can be an Affiliate Partner

  • Current clients of Estate Apps
  • Letting and Estate Agents
  • Property professionals
  • Business development managers
  • People who work for Estate Apps

Our scheme agreement is with a person and not a company, your personal recommendation is what is important to an agent and us. This means if you change careers or employer, the affiliate partner payment continues to follow you.

How to join

Interested in becoming an Affiliate Partner?
Then email partners@estateapps.co.uk and we will send you our sign up form. The information you will need to give is:

  1. Who you are and your contact information
  2. Simple overview of your experience of Estate Apps (user, agent or supplier)
  3. Bank details and sign our Affiliate Partner Terms

How to recommend

  1. First and foremost, only recommend us if you believe Estate Apps can help. We’d hate to be wasting people’s time chasing leads that aren’t actually interested.
  2. Send a three-way email between, yourself, the agent and us (to partners@estateapps.co.uk) connecting us and why.
  3. We will chat and potentially meet with the agent to find out what is important to them and how we can help.
  4. If the agent goes ahead, from the first months’ payment of Estate Apps subscription, we pay a 20% affiliate partner payment each month for the next twelve months.

For example

An independent estate agent signs up with Estate Apps on our £129 per month subscription. Every month for the next twelve months, we will pay £25.80 (so that’s £309.60 a year). Recommending just one client a month who then signs up, could earn you over £3,715.20 per year.

We will

  • Send a weekly report on the progress of your recommendations.
  • Pay you every month.
  • Send an annual statement of affiliate partner payments we have made to help you with your end of year tax (HMRC micro entrepreneur relief of £1,000) .


The terms are simple:

  1. Payments are for twelve months and paid after the clients has paid their first subscription.
  2. The amount of affiliate partner payment will be calculated on the original subscription and excludes future increases.
  3. We will provide a statement of all affiliate partner payments every twelve months (and if required, upon request).
  4. If Estate Apps has spoken with the agent about our services in the last six months from the date of your recommendation, this would not be considered for the affiliate partner scheme.
  5. Estate Apps can provide records from our internal CRM summarising dates we have spoken, emailed or met with an agent.
  6. If for any reason the contract ends early between the agent and Estate Apps, then the commission payment for that recommendation would stop.
  7. If the agent downgrades their subscription then the affiliate partner payment amount will be reduced.
  8. The affiliate partner, not Estate Apps, is responsible for declaring and paying income tax.
  9. We reserve the right to change the terms of the affiliate partner scheme at any time.