With our society becoming ever more diverse, it's never been more important to make your services easily available to everyone. According to the 2011 census, English is a second language for just under 10% of the population, this equates to over 4 million people in England and Wales alone! With these figures only increasing, and especially in areas of prominent ethnic diversity (London for example) it's hard to understate the importance of making making your services easily accessible.

While these communities are proficient in English, a lot can be said for communicating with them in their native language. As well as creating a personal connection with your client, you also eliminate any possibility of miscommunication which can result in complications further down the line.

With the estate agency business the way it is today, and with a torrent of new agencies opening everyday, it's all to easy to lose out to businesses that are embracing change. Consumers make their choices on who to do business with not only based on who has the best deal, but who they relate to. Your app will not now only give you the technological edge, it will allow you to communicate with an entirely new base of consumers.

Beginning with Spanish, we are making our apps available in all of the major European languages. These updates will rolled out as standard across all of our platforms as and when the translations are complete. These updates will seamlessly adapt to the language of the device it is being used on, connecting with the user in whatever form they find the easiest.

If there is any language that you feel your agency would benefit from, please let us know! We will make any requests a priority.