"Template". It's not a sexy word is it? Say it again, "Template". What do you think of when you say template? Rigid? Standard? Uniform? It's certainly not as enthralling as something like "custom" or "bespoke"... but that's the problem. We all get hung up on these buzz words and don't see the real potential behind them. I'm here to tell you, templates don't have to be boring!

The templates we provide have been expertly crafted your users in mind, but this doesn't mean we've forgotten about you! From a users point of view the website is straight to the point, letting them get to exactly what they want. From your point of view there is plenty of room make it your own, in terms of "about us" sections room for your featured properties and are completely customised to your colours and branding.

The templates have been built with the advances in mobile technology kept in mind. With mobile now becoming the most popular way to access the web, any template we produce will be fully responsive. This means you can access it on what ever device you like, what ever screen size, and it will perform like its been made just for you.

These features I've outlined so far, while great, can be implemented on any well constructed custom site. So lets look at the real benefits of a template...

Once work has started on a template site, it can be up and running within a few days! While even the simplest of custom sites can take upwards of 6 weeks! Do you know how long 6 weeks is?! That's enough time to:

  • Watch Usain Bolt run a record breaking 100m 376,822 times!
  • Watch the Lord of the Rings Trilogy 90 times!
  • Cook 504 roast dinners!
  • Drive around the world almost 3 times!
  • Miss the summer holidays

This is all before we talk about price. A website built from scratch, as well as taking longer, you will have to pay for every hour of development time. Depending on the complexity of the website, this can easily reach the £1000's before you even see how the website looks. With a template website there is 1 upfront cost, and other than hosting, that's you settled. No charges for more work, no over-sights in terms of completion time that need to be paid for.

Now, we're not ones to try and tie you down and tell you it's our way or the highway. We're more than happy to perform custom work to our template at our usual development rate, and we're always happy to hear any ideas you may have. What this means is by keeping most of the template in tact you can walk away with a partly customised website for far less than a website built from scratch will cost.

So I hope after all this you can see how versatile these templates can be.

If you've been thinking your website needs a revamp, don't let the cost of a brand new custom site put you off. Get in contact with us today and we can work out what's best for you.