What do I write about now? Will anyone even care to read this? Or maybe you give up, and you don’t write a post at all.

We’ve all been there!

Coming up with ideas for your estate agency blog can be daunting, terrifying and infuriating - all at the same time. When ideas are hard to come by, a sense of anxiety creeps in, your desire can suffer due to the fear of creating a negative response, or worse, receiving no response at all.

This has a negative influence on blog readability and limits the overall value of blogging, which is to inform clients and attract new ones.

However, as an estate agent, it’s crucial you show empathy in your blogs, not everyone is a property expert so try to be as fair and concise as possible. A successful estate agency is built on the strength of the agent to build client relationships, so always remember to be empathetic in any topic you may decide to cover.

There’s no need to be bereft of ideas anymore, the following are some property-themed blog ideas that you can cover as an estate or letting agency:

Give an insight into your local area

Moving into a new area can be extremely difficult so it can be helpful for people to understand the cost of living, the social amenities, and transportation in the area. Constructing a blog post that demonstrates the cost of everyday items and house prices in your territory will captivate your audience. There is bound to be something conspicuous which will spark interesting talking points.

Tips on moving house

As we all know, moving house can be incredibly frustrating, so why not provide tips for your audience. It’s a great opportunity to showcase your expertise to your clients. If you can assist in making the moving process simpler or include some tips that people were oblivious to before, your credibility will grow.

Advice on how best to present a home

You want people to come to you for guidance and see you as a great source for tips and advice. Sharing a wealth of tips on how best to present a home for viewings will be very informative for your audience. And if you're feeling super creative, you can add in an hint of quirkiness, you’ll find your content will create engagement and plenty of reposts on social media.

Best Schools in area

It is well documented that parents move house just to get into a good school catchment area, in fact one in four according to the Guardian. Properties closeby to prestigious or highly rated schools will invariably sell for more than they otherwise would. Give your audience an insight by covering the best schools nearby and where they rank in the school league tables.

Hopefully, these tips will help you on your blog creation journey! Let us know if you have any other tips as we'd be happy to add them!