We’ve got a bunch of shiny new stuff! And one of those features is something we’re very keen for you to check out – our Area Guides feature.

Our Area Guides allow our clients to expand their website with some locally relevant automated content. With it, you can add any number of areas, with multiple images, a description, some embedded video if that tickles your fancy AND a range of categories.

Now, on those categories, you can have as many as you want. Up to 500. Excessive, probably, but if you want that many you can have that many. You can have categories such as “gyms”, “schools” or even “pubs”. These also come with the option for multiple images, descriptions, embedded video if that tickles your fancy and a range of businesses associated with each category.

You can add as many businesses as you like – each one will be associated with a category. Each one, you might be surprised to learn, can have multiple images, a description and embedded video, if that tickles your fancy. In addition to this, you can also highlight special offers that these businesses are running.

All of this allows clients to increase brand awareness in your area. It means you can get close with those local businesses and promote them, which means they have an incentive to do the same back.

For example – Rockett have created “Rockett recommends” – a discount card that’s given to landlords and tenants that they can take to any local business listed on the website for a 10% discount on any meal they like. Neat, eh?

The SEO is also a great benefit, with lots of locality info built into the fabric of the entire feature. The business benefits too because they get a bunch of traffic which doesn’t cost them anything.

This feature could really help an agent become intrinsically known within the area and enhance their brand immensely.

Our Area Guides are available as part of our professional subscription. If you want to check that out, or even chat to us about designing your own website, you can get in contact with us here: contact page. We look forward to hearing from you!