Although I love my job, I can spend many hours seated, especially due to the distance I can travel on a weekly basis. There is nothing I like more than getting out and going for a walk in the fresh air. As it happens my wife is training for the Shine Walk in September so we are often out with our dog putting in some miles in preparation. The other day our chocolate Labrador Charlie, was in a strangely peculiar mood, let me explain. Normally we have a great steady pace and can cover a fair distance, but on this day Charlie was racing then walking very slowing, this continuous change in speed meant that we didn’t cover as much ground, my wife and I were frustrated and tired. Our walk had in effect been inconsistent.

I often see this in businesses; where agencies are inconsistent with the service they offer. For example, one minute they are exceeding their clients expectations and the next they are, sorry to say, lazy. Their clients end up feeling confused, frustrated and exhausted by the whole situation. Now I am not saying that there is anything wrong with exceeding client expectations, far from it, as long as your approach is consistent.

Inconsistency, lack of discipline and bad habits are symptoms of agencies I am seeing more and more, and realistically they are so easy to fix. You need to lead and manage your teams and your business, you must decide when is best to lead and when to manage for the best results.

“Effective leadership is putting first things first. Effective management is discipline, carrying it out.” Stephen Covey

Managing your team can be a pleasure but it can also be a chore. How to manage effervescent personalities and have those difficult conversations are all too common. Do you find that you put off those conversations to a more suitable time, but that time never comes? If this is you, you are not alone, but I would urge you to take hold again of your teams and business. Problems tend to arise with discipline when your management is inconsistent. There may need to be a small amount of flexibility for varying circumstances as long as the key message is the same and the same message for all.

Although you may have them, there is no room for favourites. Teams need to feel as though they are in something ‘together’, not just a select chosen few. No one said management was easy, but with clear systems, policies and a transparent approach, you can turn your team around. An effective team will be the most powerful resource you have, as they will drive your business forward into places you didn’t expect.

“Talent wins games, but team work and intelligence win championships.” Michael Jordan

Have a consistent approach to your services and teams and soon your won’t just be winning games you will be winning championships.