How you can get extra value from your properties parking spaces.

Batman and Robin, Sherlock and Watson... Estate Apps and JustPark? We’re not exactly two companies you’d expect to team up and, in a way, you’re right. Our business models are really quite different. We at Estate Apps are business suppliers, providing digital solutions to estate and letting agents. Just Park help the general public make additional income with parking spaces they’re not using as well as allowing people in need of parking to find cheap and easy alternatives to otherwise expensive or difficult to park in areas.

So why are you writing about them?

For that we have to say thanks to the power of social media! We’ve ended up connecting and it turns out that our clients and target audiences might not be so different after all...

How many of you have properties on your books right now with a driveway? And how many of those properties can fit more than one vehicle? For non-drivers this void space outside their properties won’t do much outside of accommodating guests and providing bin-men a space to leave your rubbish strewn across (I’m looking at you, local council!)

JustPark allows residents to turn this into a money spinner! JustPark provides those with the spare room a means of advertising their space to those who need to park up, like a dating service, but with none of the awkward small talk.

As an estate or lettings agent, you can take advantage of this entirely by letting your clients know exactly what the space outside of their property is worth.  This can be a particularly attractive venture for residents located near popular commuter routes or near event venues such as concert halls or football stadiums.

With so many property agents up and down the country, finding that one thing that sets you apart is going to be key. Telling your clients not just how much it’s going to cost them but potentially how much it could make them might be just the ticket!

Talking of tickets... Ever received a parking ticket when parking at a viewing or a valuation? Or even had a potential client get one? Even if you haven’t, at some point I can imagine a dubious bit parking happening in the name of making it on time to a property. Instead of rushing and crossing your fingers for the duration of a viewing, check JustPark. It’ll save you time looking for a space and it’ll save you potential hefty fine.

How do I make this work for my clients?

It couldn’t be simpler! Head over to their website here, type in a post code and it’ll show you exactly what people in the local area are charging. All you have to do is get an average of local space prices and presto! Your client can start collecting some additional income.

Will it get your clients cruising round in a new Aston Martin, or swanning about in some Jimmy Choos? No, not likely. But what it will do is let them grab a take away once in a while without any bank balance guilt, that’s got to be a good thing.

Social Media

Even if you don’t take JustPark up on their services following this blog, at least I hope it serves as an example of the power of social media. If we weren’t as active as we are on Twitter, JustPark would never have made contact with us. In the same way that if JustPark weren’t proactive about engaging with their followers, we never would have become affiliated. It just goes to show that you should be engaging with everyone! You never know where the next lead is going to come from and you’ll never find out if you don’t put the time in.

With that said, give us a follow here and while you’re at it follow JustPark here too. We’re both always putting out interesting content, informal news and we’re ready for a laugh, so come join the community!