We’ve just got back from the VIDEA15 conference at the BFI Southbank and it’s safe to say, we had a blast! The event, hosted by George Rawlings and the team at VOX was a fantastic insight into the applications of video and how it’ll be shaping the future of the property industry. The event proved popular with both suppliers and agents alike providing us with a particularly diverse crowd.

Joining us as suppliers at the event were various other tech companies, from tech giants Samsung through to Homeflow who provide similar products to us and relative new-comers Zoipa all displaying the future of property. We had a chance to chat to Lou from Zoipa who couldn’t have been happier with how things went:

“We know how essential video should be to agents, so to be part of the first ever Videa event was fantastic. We not only enjoyed meeting agents, but also industry suppliers. We came away with a much better understanding of how agents can apply our video productions more effectively throughout their business”

On display in the convention space, we saw drones and the stunning imagery they can provide of your properties. We also had a (somewhat terrifying) insight to the new technology of “emotional analytics” which involves sophisticated facial recognition technology, judging the way people react to certain advertising and adapting to get the best reaction possible from your target market.

We also had the pleasure of meeting Simon Whale, the sales director of Reapit, who had this to say:

“Given the growing importance of video as a must have addition to every estate agents armoury the VIDEA conference was a fantastic event that brought together many forward thinking companies at the forefront of innovation in this industry.”

Other suppliers that had come down to show off their expertise were iView Property, CAT, raterAgent, Digital Munkey, Reach 7, Ravensworth and Yuneec. It’s worth looking into each of these suppliers as they all provide fantastic services that can be of benefit to your business (don’t forget to tell them we sent you though!).

We were lucky enough to be joined by a host of pioneering agents, eager to keep ahead of the curve and take their agency into the future. Being based in London, we were joined by various agents from around the London area, but I believe a special mention needs to go to the guys from Alexanders Estate Agents making over a 400 mile round trip from mid Wales! We were very impressed with their dedication, and I hope that they learnt as much as we did from the event.

As well as the exhibition space, we were treated to more than a dozen insightful presentations by a number of industry experts. I was lucky enough to be invited to present myself and for those of you who couldn’t make it along, we’ll be uploading what we covered in a blog post soon! In the meantime here’s what the host, Richard Rawlings, had to say:

“We were so pleased at the turnout for our first Video in Estate Agency Conference. The feedback I have received from the delegates, many of whom were high level agency directors, has been outstanding. We were especially impressed with the EstateApps presentation which fitted in so well alongside our AgentVOX.co.uk launch and I have no doubt that we will be working closely together with these very nice people in the future - it helps that they really know their stuff too!”

The resounding message from all of the presenters was the overwhelming benefit video can have of your agency. We saw quantified evidence that not only does it improve your online presence (helping lower your bounce rate and keeping your visitors engaged for longer) but it helps you find stronger and more reliable leads (helping weed out the so-called “carpet treaders”).

Closing out the event we saw George Rawlings, one of the co-founders of VOX, talk us through the benefits of using tailored video and the VOX system. Not only can it improve your clients experience and help keep client communication efficient, it can also provide you with unique content for your website and improve your SEO! All in all a very smart system that is proving invaluable for the agents that have started to use it.

It’s not just agents that are making the most of VOX. Jordan from raterAgent is very happy with the way the system works and is keen to get it integrated with their service:

“It was overall a great event, and it is brilliant to have a new conference that has a focus on using new video technologies within estate agency. We are also really looking forward to integrating with VOX, to easily allow people to post video testimonials on our site. It was really great to meet some forward thinking agents and likeminded suppliers, we can’t wait until the next one!”

We had the chance to mingle with the crowd after and it’d be hard to find a more enthusiastic bunch anywhere. All of the exhibitors and attendees alike were friendly, knowledgeable and, most importantly, ready to learn.

If this year was anything to go by, next year’s event will be bigger and better as the companies involved continue to go from strength to strength. With various proptech events dotted around the city in the coming months, we look forward to seeing these companies evolve and the audience continue to grow.

If you think you fit the bill of wanting your company to stay one step ahead of the competition, make sure your at the next event! We’ll be presenting at Future Property in October and we’d love for you to join us, be sure to look at the line-up here. Even if you don’t make it to any events this year, be sure to make some space for VIDEA16 next year, you can be certain that we’ll be there and they’ll have an even better line-up than they did this year.

See you there!