Estate Apps Digital Predictions for 2018 (Alex)

Alex Evans By Alex Evans

Alex (Co-Director of Estate Apps)

You probably heard it last year that Virtual and Augmented Reality will play a big part and while it did, I feel like the real breakout for these two technologies will be this year. It will be interesting to see how it is used by not only agents but clients too.

I expect to see more businesses adapting to virtual and augmented reality and using it for their digital marketing campaigns this year. Advertising campaigns will be consumed through VR headsets and also within computer-generated sensory inputs such as sound, video or graphics (augmented reality).

We will start to see more estate agents use virtual reality and more for selling properties, its ability to provide a full insights and allow buyers to view multiple homes without even leaving the agent’s office is something that could appeal to home-buyers. Furthermore, another reason why I think it will explode this year is due the possibilities it gives property developers. VR allows them to show potential buyers fully finished properties even though they might only beer in the planning stages.

With retailers like Ikea developing AR apps that will let you see what items of furniture look like in your home before you buy them, the interactive and personal nature of VR and AR should see these two technologies become much more mainstream this year.


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