In a recent post we wrote about the window to screen transformation of estate agents. While presentation has always been a key factor in the property business, with the growth of the internet and more recently, the mobile internet, presentation has never been more important.

Agents, landlords and sellers all share the same objective – to secure the right deal as quickly and stress-free as possible. While presenting images of properties on your books doesn’t have to be an exercise in art photography, there are a few considerations if you want to avoid ending up on websites such as Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos, which is dedicated to "inexplicably bad property photographs". The website recently did the rounds across social media and has even been turned into a book!

Online Presence

As the virtual world continues to grow, so does the technology that accompanies it. While telephones, cameras, computers and televisions have been in existence for many years, the sophistication and interaction between technologies is growing exponentially. The introduction of smartphones and tablets into our daily lives means consumers are becoming increasingly reliant and expectant of high quality information at the touch of a button.

An attractive, well maintained website is central to any business’s online activity, and a social media presence is now commonplace across all sectors. With the fast-paced nature of the property industry, investing in mobile internet technology will help your business flourish and stay ahead of the game. This can be in the form of responsive design, a mobile website or a Content Writing – whichever best suits your needs. Being able to access live and detailed property listings, mapping tools and subscribe to alerts are great ways to ensure your target market is given accurate, relevant and tailored information.

Offline Presence

Despite the online boom, your office is likely still the hub of your activity and as such, also acts as a showroom. The window display should be laid out in an attractive and clear manner, and it goes without saying that the properties displayed are regularly checked and kept-up-to-date. If a prospective buyer or tenant arrives to enquire about a property which has already been snapped up, it could cost you that all-important deal.

Using the tools at your disposal and creating an inviting space that draws people in and makes them feel comfortable can add an extra layer to your customer service efforts and lead to repeat business. Word of mouth is still paramount, even more so thanks to the rise of social media, with clients often discussing their offline experience online. This can work in your favour if you get it right from the outset.

Home Staging

While many sellers and landlords might be familiar with home-staging, some may not. Providing an in-house service or working with your preferred firm can help show any property off to its full potential, resulting in more views, better offers and a quicker sale. For example, if a particular property isn’t raising much interest for no apparent reason, it may be worth adding, rearranging or changing the furniture.

People tend to be emotionally-led when it comes to renting and buying so being able to visualise the space as a prospective home can have much more impact than a cold, empty space. When it comes to room-dressing, less is more, despite this array of peculiar properties published by The Telegraph, including the famous "purple house" in Middlesex. They may have the curiosity factor, but could be off-putting for the average buyer or renter, who just wants a place to call home.

If maximising your sales potential is more appealing than a kitchen toilet or a horse in the hallway, have a look into the different facets of your business’s presentation, and see if there are improvements to be made.