In property, it can be tough enough to get noticed on the high street, but those trying to stand out from the crowd online - without the obvious ability to window dress – have it even harder.

While word of mouth goes some way to attracting attention from new quarters, the most important tool in today’s market is a clean, professional and mobile-friendly website. Statistics show that 93% of British adults now own a mobile phone and 57% of those use their phone to access the internet*, underlining just how important it is to reach potential new customers this way.

For service providers it can be especially challenging to demonstrate the quality and value add that they offer to those who haven’t experienced it yet. That’s where a smart and easy to navigate website with snappy reviews will distinguish you from the competition and do the hard work for you.

The smartest agents also use their website to start the process of one off clients (let only) into ongoing clients (fully managed) in two stages.

First, they spell out on their website clearly and concisely what they do.

Then they identify prospective clients’ concerns and show how they address them.

For example, if your prospective landlord base (like most around the UK) is concerned about how their property is protected and maintained, do you have a way to show them that you are the right agency for them?

This is where on-line tenant repair reporting service Fixflo can assist. With its mobile-friendly, fully branded systems, clients of Fixflo can show off their 24/7 repair reporting and asset protection system on their website and in every valuation.

With a seamless integration with the leading agency website providers (like Estate AppsHint Hint!) it’s never been easier to get started with Fixflo and to build it into your website.

Find out more at or book a 20 minute remote demonstration of Fixflo by email to

* Figures as of Q1 2014, according to Ofcom.