Are you STILL making the most of your apps?

We’ve covered this subject before, easy ways that you can drive your app downloads for free or with little cost. We saw a number of you put those ideas into action and the downloads that came with it to good use. However, it was quite some time ago we put that blog out, so let’s dust off our app marketing gear and breathe some new life into our mobile strategy!

So, what could possibly be missing from the last list? Well, as time goes by new avenues open and new opportunities arise that weren’t available before. Also, we just hadn’t thought of some of these at the time... but hey we’re human too! The following is a list of things you could be doing to get word of your app out there!

Redirect Codes:

Redirect codes are clever little things that can detect exactly what device is connecting to your website, this might come in the form of an iPhone, iPad or an Android device. Once it’s got that information it can do a number of things, anything from sending your users to a dedicated mobile site through to asking if they would like to download your agencies app for their specific device. This streamlines the process for your users, taking out any unnecessary steps and targeting right when they’ll have most use for your app.

Don’t know how to make a redirect code? No problem! We can put one together for you nice and easy (with no cost attached).

For Sale boards:

Your 'for sale' (or 'to let') boards are out on the front line creating brand awareness, day in, day out. These boards can be the first point of contact you have with your potential customers, so why not take this opportunity to make them aware of your apps? Something as simple as an App store or a Google play logo could be all you need to start driving downloads. If you want to take it one step further, QR codes can even take a user straight to the download button. Easy!

Social Media:

The daunting one... Many agents these days are getting to grips with social media and seeing the positive effect it can have on their business. Some agencies are great at it, posting engaging content on a daily basis that really gets their followers involved, keeping up to date with every incoming tweet, post and comment. As well as creating a great brand image, an active social media audience is the perfect way to get your apps into the hands of people who already want to engage with you.

Facebook even has its own “call to action” button right on your agencies page. You can set this up to deal with anything form bookings and contacting you through to watching promotional videos and even downloading your app!

This is all free exposure, but if you really want to expand your social reach, each platform offers its own paid advertising services. This might be just the boost you need to kick-start your social media campaign. However, don’t expect it to happen overnight... social media profiles take time to grow, so stick at it and you be gaining followers in no time!

Existing Clients:

Each client you have that leaves your agency with a smile on their face is another person that can help your app achieve the downloads it needs. If they have used your agencies app at any time during the sales / letting process, ask them to leave you a positive review. Higher rated apps get more downloads, a quick tap on the 5 star button can be all it takes to have a positive effect for you and your agency.

Each of the points we’ve laid out here are incredibly easy to implement and to put to good use, but, if you’re still looking for some advice don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re always happy to help!