The Big Mobilisation

The Big Mobilisation

Sam Johns By Sam Johns

Major Changes to Google’s mobile search.

Get ready for change

It’s that time again... Google are going to make some major changes to the way their search works. This one’s going to be a doozy so hold onto your hats! If you’re not ready for these changes, you may well be seeing your SEO rankings take a tumble.

So, what is this paradigm shift going to consist of? Well, that little miracle we all carry around in our pockets? It’s about to have even more emphasis placed on it. Come April 21st 2015, Google are going to take mobile compatibility into account when displaying search results on a mobile device. With more searches being performed on mobile devices than on desktops now, this is going to have a serious effect on everyone.

We’re all becoming more and more dependent on our smart phones (spending on average 90 minutes a day glued to the suckers) so it makes sense for Google to want to improve the experience of mobile users. While you might be top of the table on a desktop search, your site may soon be lost in the crowd on a mobile search.

So what do you need to do to save yourself from the dreaded fate of page two? I’m glad you asked! You’ve got 2 options, both with their own pros and cons.

Dedicated Mobile Site

The super quick, super easy route.

Dedicated mobile sites are stand alone products separate to you main website. They exist as two entirely separate entities and only appear depending on what device is connecting to your site. Mobile sites are normally simpler versions of your main website just designed with a smaller touch screen in mind.

The good stuff:

  • These can be put in place with relatively little effort. The only change you need to make to your existing website is a single line of code.
  • They’re pretty cheap in comparison to a main website.
  • They can be built from a template much faster than redesigning your whole website.

The bad stuff:

  • They’re never going to be as comprehensive as your main website.
  • They may need regular updates to keep them in line with the latest phones and tablets.

Responsive Websites

The future-proof investment.

Responsive websites are the way all websites are heading. Regardless of screen size or device they will adapt your website accordingly. They’re designed with everything in mind from the smallest to the largest screens (they even adapt if you change your browser window size).

The good stuff:

  • Will work across all devices and screen sizes.
  • No loss of functionality across mobile.
  • No need to register additional domains.
  • In general is better for SEO.

The Bad stuff:

  • It can be a little more expensive and time consuming to develop.
  • ...That’s kind of it.

What’s next?

You’ve got all the information you need to make sure your ready for the changes come April 21st, all that’s left to do is get someone on the job! That’s what we’re here for. We at Estate Apps can make sure you’re ready for any new changes that Google throw at you and we’ll make sure it’s done with military efficiency!

I want to get myself ready for the changes!

Unsure if your website is mobile ready? Try this handy-dandy website checker, it’s free and only takes about 10 seconds.

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