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We've all got a little bit more time on our hands right now. In particular, estate agents find themselves unable to do the majority of their day-to-day tasks and fulfill their ultimate goal of getting people moving.

Making the most of this ‘free’ time will be crucial. Keeping in contact with existing and prospective clients will be key, giving your business the best possible chance to hit the ground running when ‘normality’ returns.

You’re still a trusted source of advice, probably now more so than ever.

During this uncertainty, buyers and sellers will be looking to you for information on the moving process. For example, whether they can push forward with their transaction, what happens to their property value and so on.

All this could translate into one of the most useful things you can do with your ‘free’ time - enhance your social proof and essentially, get more reviews!

Did you know, 84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they do word-of-mouth recommendations, according to Bright Local. So why not really push your team to ask for reviews? That’s all it comes down to. Asking...

If you’d like more information on social proof, check out our previous blog.

From my own point-of-view, we’ve got over 100 x 5 star Google Reviews, and the fact is, that helps us win business. I actually consider it almost as important as being paid to do the job in the first place!

And with that in mind, we’ve developed a nifty little application that enables you to be more confident in asking for a review. It simplifies the process from the user's point-of-view and at the same time, mitigates the risk of a negative review going public. Check out more information here.

We'd love to help your estate or letting agency build social proof. To have a chat, get in touch.

Just as a footnote, while my name gets mentioned in a few of our reviews, I must stress that I couldn't do anything without my brilliant team - it is truly a team effort.