Facebook advertising can be incredibly effective for estate agents and should be a vital cog in your marketing strategy. However, due its perceived complexity, a large proportion of agents have yet to get to grips with it so to begin with, we take a look at the benefits and how agents can take advantage of it.

The Benefits of Facebook Advertising

With Facebook organic reach not as influential as it once was, Facebook advertising allows you to focus on key demographics. You can use these to efficiently target ads for people who are more likely to want your services. For instance, as an estate agent, you could target 30 year old employed individuals or couples who live within a targeted area.

This helps ensure tremendous value-for-money as your only paying for people YOU want to see your advert.

And if that wasn't impressive enough, you can take it up another level!

Facebook Pixel allows you to target people who have previously looked into your services/products by tracking the activities of the Facebook users who visit your website, allowing you to be more specific with your advertising. An example would be, if you were to look at a pair of trainers online but decide against purchasing them, adverts for this and other pairs of trainers would then appear in your Facebook feeds almost incentivising you to change your mind.

As an estate agent, you can take advantage of Facebook Pixel by establishing what actions you want your users to take on your Website and then targeting adverts to the people whose actions remained incomplete. For instance, if someone came through to your valuation page but didn't complete it, you could target that person pushing “instant valuation” or “free appraisal” links whilst they browse Facebook.

But the positives don’t stop there, here are more ways in which estate agents can take advantage of Facebook Advertising:

  • It’s cheap. The more targeted the advert is, the cheaper it is.

  • Change the advert content at any time without additional cost (enabling you to trial different strategies).

  • Use the same advert but targeted at different audiences.

  • Facebook collects an array of stats on how well each advert has performed helping you tweak / improve the reach.

The potential for Facebook advertising is insane and can be extremely useful for estate agents. The sheer scale of the audience is huge but even more importantly, the ability to narrow that number down to specifically target people who may want to hear about your properties or your area, could be crucial in today’s digital world.