We're heading to Wales' Biggest Business Event

We're heading to Wales' Biggest Business Event

Ola Bello By Ola Bello

As the autumn nears, there is one positive thing about the sun dwindling and that is the annual Introbiz expo event every autumn. Introbiz is a highly rated business network in Wales who host weekly network events for businesses with the purpose of connecting them together to build new relationships, as the old cliché goes, ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’. Introbiz Expo is a well organised event crammed with companies that are all looking to make connections and exchange ideas.

The Introbiz Expo is a huge event featuring 10 keynote speakers with plenty of experience behind them. With over 5000 people attending from all over UK and 250 companies exhibiting, the Introbiz Expo is a great opportunity for us and a chance to showcase our products and services to a wider audience. We’re looking forward to the workshops and seminars as the professional insight of industry leaders is sure to help us enhance our own services. We believe the energy and enthusiasm showed by our peers will make this a thoroughly enjoyable event.

We’ll be setting up our stand and displaying our products and services in the “Property Zone” so if you're coming down, be sure to stop by to say hello!

We’re privileged enough to have clients in South Wales who we’ll be looking forward to meeting up with but as a London based agency, the Introbiz Expo gives us the unique opportunity to increase brand awareness and will be a great place to meet up with people from all over Wales and nearby regions.

Finally, a massive thank you to our friends at Citrus Content. Without them we wouldn’t have been invited to attend and make the most of such an outstanding event.

Roll on November 9th!

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