When writing your web content, one of the primary objectives is to rank high in search engines and get high traffic which eventually leads to high conversions. Good content should be supported by proper use of Search Engine Optimization strategies to rank top. This is where keyword research comes in handy.

Can you imagine what it feels to write good content that doesn’t reach the targeted audience? Keyword research is perhaps the most significant SEO strategy. It involves viewing online searches in customers’ or web visitors’ perspective to determine terms and phrases they are likely to use.  In this blog, we explain keyword research and show you how to conduct keyword research effectively.

Keyword research is the work you perform to arrive at the most viable words that will help to rank your website. Keywords containing multiple words are known as key phrases. Usually, keywords are broken up and then grouped depending on the number of words. The more words in the keywords phrase the less the relative competition and hence the easier it is to rank the term. Keywords can be grouped into head, body and tail keywords. Head keywords are a single word which has massive searches online. Body keywords have 2-3 phrases while tail keywords have more than four phrases.

So why is the keyword research important? Keyword research will essentially help you to determine changing market conditions, predict shift demand and therefore position you to produce services and products that web visitors or searchers are looking for. Keywords research makes it clear to determine which terms your audience use.

Keyword research is key (geddit) and we appreciate this may be complicated, we’re here to help. If you would like a chat about keyword research, or SEO generally, we’d be happy to help, please do give us a shout.