1. Are we on the right social media channels?

2. Is our lettings / estate agency service consistent enough?

3. Are we on the right portals? Rightmove...should we pay extra for Zoopla?

4. Is our agency website good enough?

5. Should we move into an shop?

6. Are our fee’s low enough?

No, the most important question in estate agency and lettings is a question an agent should ask of themselves is this .. a question that must be answered of someone who walks in the shoes of a potential vendor or landlord who hasn’t used your services before is...

"Do landlords trust us enough, as agents, enough to believe the promises we throw out in our marketing?" Without trust, you have nothing.

If you have awareness but people haven't bought from you before, it's likely they don't trust you as much as you would hope. In fact, if your proposition is solid but properties and landlords aren't being coming on to the market, look for trust issues.

There are only three things you need to do are...

1. Earn trust of the potential landlord / homeowner

2. Repeat No.1

3. Repeat No. 2

Then you can worry about the rest.

How to gain the trust of a homeowner or landlords?   Easy,

1. grab their attention and then

2. be interesting, they will be attracted to you because you are interesting (human nature) ..

3. then they will begin to like what you say (again human nature)

4. and slowly but surely,

5. they begin to trust you (again human nature)... and people do business with people they trust (fact)

Where do you think most agents trip up?

Point 2 .. interesting

Talking about your agency, your services, your new logo, your company, your network, what awards you have won, what your Rightmove Plus listings stats look like, what ESTAs awards you won 6 months or 6 years ago, what you have sold or let this week, how you smashed your targets this week/month, how you are branch of the year or month ... nobody gives a flying **** .... none of this is interesting except to three people...

1. You

2. Your Mum

3. Your Boss

.. and if you don't believe me .. can recall any adverting that any soclitor or accountant has published one the last four weeks that you remember .. because only people remember stuff that's interesting.

I know what is interesting to landlords and vendors .. I know what does get you more stock to sell and let than what you can cope with .. just tell all the homeowners in your local patch and all the landlords in your patch what is happening to the local property market .. house prices, rents, yields, capital growth .. that's interesting!