Technology is playing an ever more critical role in helping property professionals stay competitive in their field. Companies that embrace technology are using it to run targeted marketing campaigns, manage their operations efficiently and to generate high quality leads, all of which are helping businesses grow faster. Most agencies have at least set up their own website in an effort to boost their reach and generate leads. In our experience, however, a huge amount of agencies only setup the websites and leave it to its own devices. The hope is that it’s attracting visitors most people don’t know if it is really attracting the right visitors or even if it attracts visitors at all.

Once you’ve started with your own website, you have to understand how it is faring. You need to know whether it is actually able to attract a good number of visitors, or you’ll be left with no traffic actually reaching your site. Irrespective of the kind of business you do online, keeping a tab on the proceedings of your website should be of utmost importance to you. How then is this done? With our good friend, Google Analytics!

Everyone knows what Google is; it’s become such a normal part of everyday life that phases such as “I’ll Google it” are uttered without anyone batting an eyelid. With 80% of online searches going through them, they’ve come to understand the web pretty well, which is why Google Analytics is such an important tool. It helps you to understand how many people come to your website, what they’re interested in, what’s the most populate part of your website and most importantly what needs to change.

Every business in the property sector needs a good website but that’s not all! After a farmer has planted a seed, they don’t just leave it to germinate without proper cultivation and monitoring. They understand that it takes time and care for the seed to flourish and it’s the same for your website. Website analytics will help you to understand visitor behavior and know the number of visitors, where they come from, understand how they navigate through your website and have a feel of whether your website is meaty enough to trap their attention. Seeing where your website isn’t performing as desired will let know what you need to tweak.

Website analytics also helps you study your website’s advertising effectiveness. Having Google analytics integrated into your property website will reveal to you how your website shows up in organic and paid searches and which banners are being clicked the most. It could also help to review the performance of the keywords you are targeting and whether you need to change some content that doesn’t deliver.

Ultimately, your main objective is to sell and let homes and gain new instructions as well as landlords. The more properties you sell the more money you make. Your website analytics will tell you exactly who your prospective clients are, what kind of properties get the most views and interest and where to focus on generating new instructions. From this information you’ll not only get a better understanding of your online visitors but an over view of your clients as a whole.

Finally, using Google Analytics to its full capacity will give you a competitive advantage over your competitors. Knowing your market and applying your expertise, will leave you leaps and bounds ahead of your local competition.