Has anyone ever mentioned how cool Croydon is to you? As in like super cool. We are based in the heart of Croydon in a cool co-working space so have a lot of nice things to say about our town.

First up:

Dan: "Living and working in Croydon provides ease of access to a lot of things. There are regular trains to central London which take at most 20 minutes. There are plenty of shops on my doorstep, in both the Whitgift Centre and Centrale. When those are eventually replaced, it'll be home to an even bigger and better Westfield which will drastically improve the appeal of the area. There are plenty of social spots as well, like Box Park and Purley Way."

Rebecca: "For me I like the feel of a mini city. There is a shop for everything you need. It has great transport links and I find it quite easy to plan my journey wherever I'm going."

Kat: "I’ve lived in Croydon since forever! I have seen the positive changes Croydon has gone through and it’s fab. I like that I’m only 17 mins from central London, Boxpark has helped Croydon be put on the map - hello Match of the Day anyone, and I love the street art around here. I do wonder if Banksy wandered down these parts. If you want a personal recommendation for Caribbean food - please try the Dutchie, you won’t be disappointed."

Alex: "Croydon is a vibrant city on the cusp of change. You can just feel it as you walk around. It's an exciting time.

We moved the business to Croydon to tap into the growing tech scene and we've never regretted our decision. We've built relationships with some great local businesses and look forward to developing this further."

Adam: "Born and raised, Croydon will always be home. I love this southern gateway into London for it’s community spirit and vibrant art."

If you’re ever in Croydon and want to chat about anything web and social media related, let us know and we’d be happy to take you for a coffee in Matthew’s Yard or over at Boxpark, or street food over on Surrey Street market, or maybe we’ll walk and talk over to the Rise Gallery….