When we first spoke to the Burghleys team, it was a bit of a strange time for us. It was soon after our responsive website service had launched and we only had a few portfolio pieces under our belt. The guys at Burghleys saw through that though and invited us to design their new website.

We met with Howard and Ashley, the owners of the company, and based on a quick meeting we swiftly got a feel for who they were and the ethos of the business. With Burghleys coming into their tenth year of successful trading and with the team having well in excess of 60 years experience, we were excited about working with such well respected agents.

Based on their feedback, their brand and our knowledge, we put together a proposal that reflected their target market while maintaining a professional look. The site is designed to be able to get each different type of user from start-to-end as easily as possible. This means buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords actions have all been boiled down to just 3 calls-to-action. Easy!

We’re glad we could help them launch this new website and seeing their testimonial certainly makes it all worthwhile!

If you want to see their site in action click through here - http://burghleys.com/.


This is what Burghleys had to say about us...

"We were looking for a company to help us build a new website. We approached a number of the leading specialist Estate Agency web designers and met with them all. We also met with Estate Apps who had recently launched a new web design service.

Whilst all the design companies offered us a range of different websites, only Estate Apps appeared to understand our specific needs and requirements. Although we were somewhat anxious as to their lack of built sites for us to look at, the promotional price we were offered coupled with their enthusiasm, understanding and knowledge of the industry was all the encouragement we needed. We decided to take the risk and Estate Apps have been absolutely true to their word.

They have created a website that we are absolutely delighted with. The service we have received from the company, in particular Alex and Sam, has been exceptional and we cannot recommend them highly enough.  We very much look forward to working with them again in the future." Ashley Gendler, Director

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