The Client
Edward Ashdale is based in Beckenham, South-East London and is dedicated to delivering the best service possible to their clients through their local knowledge and experience. Their highly regarded agents deal with a wide variety of properties, from studio flats all the way up to executive homes with a particular focus on land and new home developments.

The Project
The new website started with the Edward Ashdale branding and developed from there. The colour theme is consistent across the website, extending to the imagery and call-to-action buttons throughout.

We implemented a conversational search on the main home screen which is a change from traditional estate agent websites. Instead of having to fill in various parameters, users select from a drop down to create a sentence that applies to them. What this does is allows users to quickly be shown relevant information in a natural way while still allowing for more in-depth searching on subsequent pages.

As part of this project we also facilitated the migration of all historic property data. This included the property particulars moving from the old system to our own. While this ultimately has no bearing on the design, this would have been an extremely time consuming task for the agent to have to deal with which is why we were only too happy to step in and deal with as best we could.

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Edward Ashdale
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