The Client
Sacha Scott is a husband and wife team operating in the South East of England. Having been part of a franchise agency for a while, they decided to go it alone and set up their own estate agency business. Being a small agency, they value outstanding service to the few as opposed to a high volume of clients.

The Project
We met with Sacha early in the design process to talk through their needs and to establish the right tone for their estate agency website. We quickly got the impression that Sacha wanted to convey a personal service as opposed to just another business site. Through subtle touches like the use of a “handwritten” signature on some of the pages, we achieved a more human feel.

While the functionality of the Sacha Scott website is fairly “standard”, we’ve reinforced the branding and personality where possible. We’ve done this with our choice of imagery (especially the professional photography) and use of brand colours.

We’ve also integrated ValPal, an instant valuation tool, into the website which is the primary call-to-action on the home screen. The valuation tool is there to grab the attention of a visitor, providing them with some valuable information while also providing Sacha Scott with the information of a potential seller. This is a much stronger method of collecting customer data than a “register with us” function.

To take a look at the Website, click here.

Sacha Scott

This is what Sacha Scott had to say about us...

I’d say I can be quite a difficult customer as I am a bit of a perfectionist but the guys at Estate Apps handled me really well.  Reactive and proactive they are a team that go all out to ensure their customers have exactly what they need to do well in this industry.  I love our website and am very thankful to have these guys in our corner.

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