Estate Apps Features: Brought to Market By

Dan Crook By Dan Crook

Recently, we attended the Australian Real Estate Conference in May 2018 (AREC) and one of the key things we picked up on was how, when selling property, the agencies didn’t really focus on their brand too much. They focused on the people that were selling or renting it.

On for sale/to let boards, the agency’s logo was present but somewhat overshadowed by a profile picture of the agent along with her direct contact details. She would be the main point of contact and you knew that right from the off.  It presented a much more friendly, approachable, and personable feel to the process and it’s something we felt had to be brought into the digital world too.

We’ve named the feature "Brought to Market By" and we feel it's going to be invaluable for agents going forward helping them stand out from local competition.

Simply put, our CMS enables you to link a team member to any number of property listings in your data feed. Once linked, it results in a new section appearing on the "property detail" page.

We really like this feature (not just because we made it!). It helps bring a more personable feel to your agency and appeals better to the general consumer whilst they are browsing your site.
The feature is available as part of our Professional Subscription. If you want it on your website or would like a demo of it in action, let us know!

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