Everyday we work with the intentions of making an impact in the property industry so as you can imagine, it was a real honour for us to feature in the Estate Agent Today article. Although we specialise in creating Websites and Apps for the property industry, it’s always good to be recognised and of course, a bit of brand awareness will never hurt anyone!

As a company, we are always seeking to incorporate new avenues for growth with digital marketing at our core.

The article illustrates the impact digital marketing is having on the property industry, with video content now becoming more and more important. Two of our clients - Lumley Estates and Rockett Home Rentals - have incorporated videos into their website, and we are convinced this tally will only increase as recent trends show that nearly 70% of web traffic will be video views from 2017.

As an industry that relies on visual motivators, we believe that videos are the easiest way to add a personal touch to your site. Implementing videos into your marketing strategy is a great way to instantly capture your traffic and keep them on your site.

The benefits of using video across social media platforms is well documented too (by ourselves as well, here, here and here). By posting videos on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, you are far more likely to get improved engagement as people are more inclined to view a video post rather than text.

See below the video work we carried out for both Lumley Estates and Rockett Home Rentals: