People buy from people

People buy from people

Sam Johns By Sam Johns

“People don’t buy products, people buy from people.” I’m sure most of you business folk out there have heard something like this before. The idea that people buy from people and their personalities as opposed to a product isn’t a new development, I’ve been hearing that since my school days and I don’t see any sign of that changing anytime soon. What has definitely changed however, is the way that we buy these personalities.

The way this has always worked is a sales person will be bright, friendly and knowledgeable, it’s their confidence that eases a buyer into making a decision. That always has been, and more than likely, will always be, the way people influence sales in real life. Here at Estate Apps though, we want to help you get a better response online. How can you take that personal experience of making a sale human and relatable and apply it in a digital space?

Before we get started, let me just give you some stats: did you know that we’re exposed to roughly 3000 advertising messages every day? 3000! That’s on TV, billboards, radio, websites, even the products we’ve already bought are trying to sell us something else. This is all incredibly one sided marketing, there’s no interaction with the buyer and the sheer amount of advertising were exposed to tends to turn us off. It’s no wonder that with this sort of advertising overload only about 10% of people actually trust these messages.

This kind of one-way marketing can be rather difficult to get right and anything other than a real standout campaign can quite easily get lost in the white noise of the advertising world. We’re all getting very good at tuning out adverts and sales pitches, so good in fact that for smaller businesses it’s becoming quite hard to justify the cost involved in these sorts of adverts.

So people aren’t paying attention to your adverts and you aren’t able to meet everyone face-to-face to give them the personal experience, so what options do you have?

There’s a number of ways you can tackle this but what they all ultimately boil down to is the use of social media. Social media, when done right, can give your business that human element that is often so noticeably absent from digital marketing. It provides your potential clients an insight into your business and who you are on a platform where they can not only engage with you themselves but can see engagements with your other customers too.

These sorts of interactions prove two things to a potential customer: One, you’re human and not some faceless organisation. Two, seeing you interact with others and the positive experiences they’ve had gives them the social proof to trust your company.

At end of the day we’re all human and we value genuine human connection. While we can’t get quite the same feel for a person or a business online as we can in real life, social media is the next best thing.

Sure social media for business has its flaws and one of the most common issues we’re asked about is “what about negative feedback”. In a future blog we’ll be looking at how that negative feedback isn’t so bad and how you can even help turn it into a positive! Keep your eyes peeled...

At Estate Apps, we’re always pushing to get the most from social media, so if you need help getting your personality online, be sure to get in touch. We’ll have people "buying" your personality in no time!

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